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Home Automation

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Here at Hobbstars AUTOMATION we specialise in home automation.

From voice activated lighting control to blinds that close automatically when it gets dark - we have all the solutions to make your life comfortable and enjoyable.

Small to large homes, sheds, office spaces...the possibilities are endless.​


You often hear the phrase "SMART home" mentioned on TV and by tradesmen.

A home automation system turns any home into a “SMART home”.

This is a system in which many of the electrical devices in your home are connected and can be controlled. You decide when, why and how a device should react. Everything is customised to your needs and preferences, making your house fit with you.

A home automation system allows seamless control of; lighting, air conditioning, security systems, window furnishings, entertainment devices, doors and gates.

You can control these devices by touch, voice commands or via your phone.

​With advances in technology it is now also possible to control your home automation system remotely. Meaning that you can be at the office, at the shops or even on holidays and still be able to control your electrical devices.

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