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Timber Decking

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Deck Builders
Deck Builders Manly
Deck Restoration Manly

Get a timber deck installed and transform the look of your backyard. Are you on the lookout for deckbuilders in Manly who will install timber decks in your backyard? Timber decks have become a prominent feature in Australian households making it an indispensable part of the Australian lifestyle. Invest in sleek and stylish timber decking in Manly and transform your garden into a stunning lounge and entertainment area. We are builders of customized timber decks. We also undertake timber deck restorations and repairs to take care of the wear and tear.

Deck builders Manly

Allow us to install a well designed and professionally built deck that will metamorphose your outdoors area into a comfortable lounge area where you can soak in the sun and indulge in other outdoor activities. A deck becomes a part of the floor design when it is laid by professional builders. Our process begins with the designers paying you a visit and designing a plan after which we will decide a deck design that will fall within your budget.

We will remodel your backyard into a space that will reflect your tastes and look classy. We will build personalized timber decks for you that will make your house stand out and earn accolades from family and friends.

Deck Repairs Manly

We are professional timber deck builders involved in installing, repairs and routine maintenance. Place your trust in us for all your needs related to timber deck repair and maintenance. Weather and usage can cause wear and tear to your timber decks which can be repaired and restored as per the specifications. A timber deck that is well maintained will last for 25 years. It depends on factors like type of material used, variant of polish used, design and weather conditions. We will give you the word to come out to you each year and make sure that your timber decks are washed and oiled. We will send out the tools that you require to complete the job yourself.

If you want a natural appearance for your timber decking then the application of a water repellent preservative or decking oil will help to maintain it in good condition thus prolonging the lifespan.

The timber will shows signs of greying over a period of time due to the effects of sunlight. These signs should be taken care of and immediate steps should be taken for repair and restoration of the deck. Stain finish should be applied once in a year to restore the colour. Water repellents should be applied regularly without fail or when the timber loses it water repellence.

Timber decks are an investment to accentuate the beauty and functionality of your house. Care should be taken to ensure that they are kept in good shape by regular repair and maintenance.

Call us now on 0411 334 441 or email us at andyenergy@live.com for all your timber installation, repair and restoration needs in Manly or to obtain an obligation free quote.

Why Choose a Timber Deck?

Our clients tell us these are their most important reasons for choosing timber decking –

  • It looks stunning.
  • It’s easy to keep looking clean.
  • It blends with a natural environment.
  • Our decking can be custom designed so it can fit and compliment any area.
  • It becomes an extension of the inside area.
  • It can be easily built to give interesting height differences. Yet without expensive fill and retaining walls.
  • It is ‘softer’ underfoot and especially safer for children.
  • Timber Decking is warmer than stone in winter.
  • Finally, Decking adds real value to any home as an entertaining area.

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